DTP - PA4 PAC project

DTP - PA4 PAC project


PA 04 Water Quality

EUSDR Priority Area 4 (PA4) “Maintain and restore the quality of waters” supports the activities - the Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources, assistance in implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD), improvement of fish migration,  promotion of measures addressing agricultural pollution, facilitation of sub-basin activities.

PA4 provides assistance in project generation, partnership search, networking and dissemination. Furthermore, it deepens synergies with water protection organizations, such as the ICPDR and the Sava Commission.

Specific PA4 activities will be financed by: Danube Transnational Programme under specific objective 'Support to the Governance and Implemantation of the EUSDR'.

Project duartion: 2017-2019 (36 months)

Project partners: 2 ERDF partner 1 ASP

Lead partner: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Hungary

Project total budget: 352,857.00 €

The project will focus on the following target groups: PA4 Steering Group Members, National Authorities focusing on water management issues, international organisations and other interested stakeholders, NGOs related to water quality.
As the result of the transnational cooperation specific actions of the EUSDR PA4 Roadmap will be implemented and the cooperation between relevant target groups will be further strengthened. The project partners will work with close cooperation with relevant international organisations (ICPDR will be an ASP within the project) and the Sava Commission, Carpathian Conventions, GWP-CEE , WWF will also be involved in the activities.