About the JOINTISZA project

The main objective of the project is strengthening approaches and cooperation among the relevant actors of the river basin management planning process especially actors of flood risk prevention/flood protection sector to enhance the status of waters of the basin. The update of the management plan will identify measures also taken into account the Flood Risk Directive. The main aim of the project is to further improve the integration of the water management and flood risk prevention actions in the next RBM planning cycle, in line with the relevant EU legislations. The project will ensure the better embedding of flood risk management planning into the RBM planning process and will also encourage the involvement of relevant sectors (such as flood risk management, water resource management, urban hydrology management, drought management) and interested stakeholders.

Number of partners: 17 (10 ERDF, 2 IPA and 5 ASPs).

Project Budget: 2,254,126.80 €

Project Duration: January 2017 - June 2019.

Project Lead Partner: General Directorate of Water Management-Hungary (OVF)

Project Manager: Mr Balázs Horváth

Contact Details: jointisza@ovf.hu

Funded by: INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme - European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) and Hungary

Official website of the project: http://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/jointisza

Events of the JOINTISZA project and link to the related information:

1-2 March 2017 (Szentendre, Hungary) - The JOINTISZA project - Kick-off event- Open Doors was successfully organised. The event was organised by the Regional Environmental Center, responsible for the communication activities of the JOINTISZA project. In the frame of the event the representatives of the five participating countries, the ICPDR, GWP-SEE, Carpathian Convention Secretariat, WWF-HU discussed about the main activities to be developed and implemented in the coming 30 months.

11 April  2017 (Budapest, HU)  - Transnational Cooperation for Sustainable River Basin Management Conference, which took place at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Hungary: The event was organized jointly by the JOINTISZA and the DanubeSediment projects, funded by the Danube Transnational Programme. Bringing together over 80 participants from 8 Danube countries it aimed to build synergies between the projects, as well as to support the process of turning the individual project outcomes to the advantage of related projects and stakeholder. JOINTISZA - Capitalisation event - Outcomes and Press Release can be downloaded from here.

12-13 April 2017, (Budapest, HU) - 1st Meeting of the WPs, which took place at the Headquaters of the General Directorate of Water Management, in Hungary: The meeting main objective was to discuss the main project activities and harmonise the actions between the project partners.

26-27 June 2017, (Szolnok, HU) - 1st Steering Committee meeting will be held from 13:30-17:30 on the 26 of June and 9:00-12:00 on the 27 of June (Monday-Tuesday). 

27-28 June 2017, (Szolnok, HU) - The ’Train the planners’ Seminar will be started in the morning  of 27 June and will be ended at the mid of 28 of June (Tuesday-Wednesday).

28-29 June 2017, (Szolnok, HU) - A complementary SVP Training planned on 28-29 of June (Wednesday-Thursday), presentaly we are waiting to the confirmation from the invited trainers. Information on the June 2017 events are available here.

20-21 November 2017, (Bratislava, SK) - Project Management Meeting, Steering Committee and Work Package meetings organised  with the participation of the project partners. Additional information can be seen here.

10 May 2018, (SKYPE) - 1st Editorial meeting of the update of the first Integrated Tisza River Basin manageent Plan

23-24 May 2018, (Szolnok, HU) - JOINTISZA project 2nd Ad-hoc Task Group meeting and Stakeholder workshop in relation to WP 6.4. Additional information related to the workshop can be downloaded here.

5-7 June 2018, (Bukarest, RO) - Project Management Meeting, Steering Committee and Work Package meetings organised  with the participation of the project partners.

28 June 2018, (Budapest, HU) - Challenges of plastic waste in the Danube region and beyond. Let’s act together! - International Conference and Round table seminar organised in the frame of the International Danube Day events (JOINTISZA Dissemination event). Related information can be downloaded from here.

4-12 August 2018  (Szatmárcseke, HU) - Plastic CUP (JOINTISZA Dissemination event). The JOINTISZA international boat won the VI. Plastic Cup. Related news can be downloaded from here.

10 September 2018 (Debrecen, HU) - WP 6.4.training

19 September 2018 (Szolnok, HU) - JPM workshop (Date to be confirmed). Related information can be downloaded from here.

5 October 2018 (Debrecen, HU) - WP 6.4. training

6-8 November 2018 (Beograd, RS) - JOINTISZA WP, SC meetings and Tisza Group meeting. The 4th Project meeting (including work packages and steering committee meeting) of the JOINTISZA project was held in 6-8 November 2018 in Belgrade, Serbia. More than 45 experts, representing the five countries of the Tisza River Basin - Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia -  and the consortium's partners participated on the events. More information about the event can be found here.

27-29 November 2018 (Szolnok, HU) - JOINTISZA project 3rd Ad-hoc Task Group meeting and Stakeholder workshop in relation to WP 6.4. Information about the event can be found here.

Upcoming events:

29 January 2019 (Szolnok, HU) - JOINTSZA first editorial meeting