15 SG meeting on 18 April 2018, Budapest

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15 SG meeting on 18 April 2018, Budapest

Posted by Kocsis-Kupper Zsuzsanna, Monday, 9th April 2018 @ 11:50 am

The SG meeting was held back to back with the first EU macro-regional workshop on water. 

The SG provided information on the past and future activities of EUSDR PA4, information about other Priroity Areas of Danube strategy: PA1A inland waterways, PA5 environmental risks, PA6 biodiversity, PA7 knowledge society. The meeting also included presentations of ICPDR, the Sava Commission, the JRC and the CC and disseminated information about funding possibilities, ie Danube Transnational Programme, EEA, LIFE and showcase our projects and capitalization as well. 

The meeting is held in the General Directorate of Water Management, Márvány u. 1/d, Budapest-1012

Please find the agenda and invitation here.

The background Progress report in a format reguired by the DTP monitoring tool is attached here  and one of its annex is attached here

 Presentations can be downloaded from here:

1. Information about the main PA4 activities since the 14th SG meeting

2. Cooperation with other EUSDR PAs

- Information about PA 1a activities

- Information about PA5 activities

- Information about PA7 activities

3. Information by relevant organizations

- Information by the JRC

- Information by the ICPDR

- Information by theSava Commission

- Information by the Carpathian Convention

4. Funding and cooperation possibilities

- Information Interreg Europe

- EEA and Norway Funds

- SMF, DSPF, DTP calls related information

-LIFE Programme-update on new call

5. Thematic Pole on Water Management – Capitalization

- JOINTISZA project




- “Wild Island” initiative – capitalization of results

-Energy Audit of WWTP in Hungary-– Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and Hungarian collaboration

6. Letters of Recommendations 2018 (LoRs - 2018)

7. Introduction of the First Macro-regional Strategies’ Seminar on Water Management (Objectives of the seminar - Information by Interact)

The Final minutes of the event is here