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Financing workshop held for Environmental Pillar within the Annual Forum

Posted by Kocsis-Kupper Zsuzsanna, Thursday, 26th October 2017 @ 4:12 pm


The Annual Forum discussions meant to serve as a strategic platform to find an answer to the question of how to best transform political commitment into operational measures and policies. 

A major objective of the event was to give momentum to the practical implementation of regional energy security, regional infrastructure development and clean connectivity issues, by also including horizontal issues such as project preparation and financing. 

This workshop meant to provide a platform for introducing and discussing financial possibilities from different funding programmes (national/regional funds, CBC and TN programmes partly covering the EUSDR area addressing the workshop topics, other EU financing instruments) for the Environmental Pillar of the EUSDR: namely related to water quality, environmental risks and biodiversity. The general framework to the discussion were first provided by a general introduction of the funding possibilities in a joint introductory presentation of the relevant programmes that were followed by three different interactive café discussion rounds in four corners. Within this framework the workshop provided possibilities for interested stakeholders to obtain general, comparative information about the funding possibilities and in the second part of the workshop participants can also enter detailed informal discussions with programme representatives. 

Café discussions were held with
o Gusztáv Csomor, DTP (
o Orsolya Tóth, H2020 (
o Ágnes Szijártó/ LIFE (
o Monika Schoenerklee-Grasser, CENTRAL EUROPE (

The above representatives of funding instruments provided information to the audience about the following issues related the programme they represent: 
- General overview about the topics covered 
- Geographical scope
- Type of potential applicants
- Minimum eligibility criteria 
- Upcoming calls, deadlines
- How a good project looks like


Presentations that were prepared for the worskhop: