ICPDR Boat departs on the PET CUP

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ICPDR Boat departs on the PET CUP

Posted by Heilmann Diána, Wednesday, 31st July 2019 @ 2:41 pm

PET CUP 2019 - Bottle UP!

In 2019 Hungary took over the annual Presidency of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR) and now brings the focus for ten days to the Tisza River. 

In 2019 between 3-11 August 2019 the Tisza PET CUP will be organized in the 7th times. Following the successful participation of the international JOINTISZA boat in 2018, the international ICPDR boat departs in 2019 - supported and organized by the Hungarian Ministry of Interior.

"The key to the success of Plastic Cup - as the website of the organisation says - is that it’s able to transform a difficult and dangerous exercise, like collecting trash, into a fun and inspiring team building exercise, into the adventure of a lifetime. Plastic Cup is the first, and as far as we know only, initiative in the world that looks to fight pollution by using pollutants." reference: here 

In 2019 the international team comes together from Germany, USA, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, The Netherlands and Hungary. The Boat will lead by the representatives of the Hungarian Ministry of Interior, but the representatives of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) - EUSDR PA2, PA4 and PA5  - will also participate in the team and will compete with the international group.

The event is an important occasion towards cleaning the Tisza River from plastic waste and this joint activity has also positive impact on the water quality. Besides it is an important communication event, where participants can call the attention to the more and more increasing problem of plastic waste pollution. We can see here, that plastic pollution is not "only" a problem of oceans and seas but rivers are also "infected" and actions are needed to clean the rivers from plastic pollution as well.

In 2019 the competitors will start from the Upper part of the Hungarian Tisza river, from "Tivadar"  and will clean the floodplain area up to "Záhony" in 77km long section.

In case you are interested in the competition and would like to follow up on the events please visit the facebook page of the PET CUP, where up-to-date information will be presented about the competition.

Let's cheer for the international team! ICPDR Team! Go for it!