JOINTISZA - Final work-package and steering committee meetin

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JOINTISZA - Final work-package and steering committee meetings

Posted by Heilmann Diána, Wednesday, 29th May 2019 @ 9:27 am

Final Work-package and Steering Committee meeting

28-29 May 2019, Szolnok

Agora Center

The JOINTISZA project, started on 1 January 2017 was aiming at to strengthen cooperation between river basin management planning and flood risk prevention to enhance the status of waters of the Tisza River Basin. To reach objectives, twelve partners and five associated strategic partners joined together and created a consortium representing the five countries of the Tisza River Basin (Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovaki and Serbia) and international organisations such as GWP, WWF,  ICPDR, Carpathian Convention, REC. The consortium implemented four main workpackages linking to the topics of water quality, water quantity, climate change, urban hydrology, flood riks prevention and integration issues.

In the frame of the last workpackage meeting, the final draft version of the updated Integrated Tisza River Basin Management Plan was discussed and final polished. In the frame of the Steering Committee meeting an important point was about the stakeholders' involvement. It was agreed that an online stakeholder survey would start in June 2019 and the comments would create a separate document to the plan.

The project management also informed the partners that the project duration was extended until September 2019, when the project would officially closed.

The project participants, representing 17 institutions from all around the countries of the Tisza River Basin

29 May 2019. Szolnok, Agora Center

Dr. János Fehér, WP6's leader introduced the main outcomes of the synthesis work-package

Farewell present from the main organiser of the Final events

Mayfly (the symbol of the JOINTISZA project)

The project partners thanks to the Tisza Office for their hospitality and the organisation of the meetings