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Kick-off Meeting of the project We Pass

Posted by Andrea Vranovska, Thursday, 11th April 2019 @ 3:01 pm

The Kick-off Meeting of the EU project "We Pass – facilitating fish migration and conservation at the Iron Gates" was held on 9 April 2019  in Kladovo (Serbia).  The meeting, attended by PA4 representatives and organized by ICPDR, created an open platform for project partners, stakeholders, representatives of the Đerdap Hydroelectric Power Station and an interested public to discuss the aims, perspectives and desired outputs of the project. The main objective of the kick-off was thus to ensure a common understanding of the project’s objectives and the expected results, as well as the necessary organizational structure and tasks to reach the goals set. 

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This international project We Pass is an important milestone in the process of enhancing migratory fish population and ensuring their survival in the Danube Region. The fish population decline occurs due to poaching (stemming from improper fishery management and insufficient legal enforcement), blocked migration routes as a result of dams, loss of habitat caused by expanding infrastructure on the river, river navigation, hydropower, flood protection measures, and other negatively impacting phenomena such as pollution. Thus, the chief aim of We Pass is to run a feasibility study exploring alternatives and seeking solutions to blocked routes and any river mismanagement that may be having adverse effects on these fish species, also known as  “Support for the Implementation of the Feasibility Study analysing options for fish migration at Iron Gate I & II”.

The following are among the main goals defined for We Pass:

-  Support for the implementation of activities identified in the Terms of Reference for the Feasibility Study analysing options for fish migration at Iron Gate I & II posing an obstacle for migratory fish, which was adopted by the ICPDR in December 2016.

-  To inform stakeholders and target groups about the objectives, progress, findings and results of the project;

-  To raise awareness of the project and increase public engagement regarding the subject of migratory fish conservation.

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