Stakeholder Seminar on EUSDR Pillar B gave valuable overview

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Stakeholder Seminar on EUSDR Pillar B gave valuable overview on environmental issues

Posted by Heilmann Diána, Wednesday, 25th October 2017 @ 1:05 pm

EUSDR Environmental Pillar - Stakeholder Seminar

The EUSDR Seminar was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture (1055 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos square 11) and was organised jointly with the three PILLAR B related priority areas: EUSDR PA4 (water quality), EUSDR PA5 (environmental risks) and EUSDR PA6 (biodiversity and landscape). The Stakeholder Seminar was aiming at to present challenges of the environmental related sectors and to give an emphasis to the needs of cooperation among sectors/institutions to reach objectives outlined in the EUSDR action plan.

The EUSDR Stakeholder Seminar was opened by Zsolt V. Németh,  Minister of State for Environmental Affairs, Hungary and Mr Gábor Jenei, EUSDR Deputy National Coordinator of Hungary. Mr Németh pointed that 'Experiences show that notable success is only achievable if we co-operate among different sectors and also among different countries. '

Mr Jenei stressed in his speech that ' the objectives of Water Framework Directive, Flood Directive and the 2020 EU target for biodiversity must be met and the objectives of nature protection areas, such as Natura 2000 sites, can be achieved only with due respect to the ecological requirements of the whole region.' He also highlighted that 'the last year experiences showed that there is a strong need of cooperation: cooperation between relevant organisations of water management and environmental risks and also cooperation between environment related sectors (such as agriculture and water management or water management and flood protection).  The seminar – as an important side event of the 6th Annual Forum - was a good opportunity to summarize achievements reached so far and also to raise issues, where joint future activities are needed. ' Mr Jenei highlighted that there is still plenty of tasks to do. The objectives are clear the direction is good, and now we need to utilise the common possibilities and resources to ensure that the Danube River Basin unique environmental and cultural characteristics are preserved and available for the future generations.'

The event was moderated by Ms Zsuzsanna Kocsis-Kupper, team member of priority area 'water quality' (PA4.)

The presentations of the seminar can be downloaded from the below links:


Session 1: Joint cooperation and ongoing joint activities

Session 2: Cooperation among sectors – integration of measures between sectors are needed

Session 3: Sign of nature - Where to act? – Future Challenges

Additional information about the event is available here.